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It is difficult to manage older adults care when you don’t live near them, especially during the current COVID pandemic. There is no substitute for having someone in-person to ensure they are well cared for and safe. A care manager can supervise their care in any environment and alert the long-distance caregivers to any issues and work collaboratively when decisions are needed.

Benefits of Care Management Services include:

  • Reduce burden for travel, and exposure risk during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Reduce need for discharging to nursing facility or alternative care situation
  • Provide ongoing support, information and education to family members and caregivers

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Preparation is the key to successfully returning home after a hospital stay or medical procedure. We provide confidence building education and consultative services for family members and significant others to help patients transition home with peace of mind. Planning ahead is especially important for individuals who have a goal to remain home long term during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Provide 1-on-1 consultation with a care manager.
  • Provide live recommendations and guidance based on the client’s goals and resources.
  • Prepare a written summary and recommendations 48 hours after the consultation
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Aging Life Care Management Focused Assessment

When a family member or caregiver has questions about care matters, wants to establish plans for the future, or needs guidance on an immediate situation, we will offer an Aging Life Care Management Focused Assessment.

Your Focused Assessment Includes:

  • A Review the clients care records and documents
  • A written summary and recommendations 3 days after the assessment
  • A virtual care conference to review your care plan
  • 1-on-1 consultation with a care manager to provide guidance and resources.

Because the needs of our clients vary, First Coast Safe at Home Solutions offers 3 focused care packages to accommodate each individual’s needs


  • Home from The Hospital 
  • Relocation Care Management 
  • Caregiver Assessment Care Management  


Home from The Hospital
Home from The Hospital is a service that solves the problems of older clients who must enter a hospital and be discharged to home. My Geriatric Care Management Agency’s professional staff’ will to assess, coordinate, guide, educate, and advocate for the client, adult children/family and family caregiver from pre-admission, admission; hospitalization, discharge and transition back home. Preventing readmission through monitoring clients after discharge, supporting their caregivers and family, monitoring medication and arranging community services for rehabilitation is a major benefit of this service.

Relocation Care Management
Relocation Care Management is a service that helps solve the difficult dilemmas of older people and their families who are considering a move or relocation of the older person and need help in assessing how and where to move the client. First Coast Safe at Home Solutions expert geriatric care managers will assess whether the elder should move to a higher level of care.

Caregiver Assessment Care Management
Caregiver Assessment Care Management is a service that helps family caregivers solve the problems associated with caregiver burnout, leading to caregiver strain, poor client care, and inappropriate client placement. First Coast Safe at Home Solutions expert geriatric care managers will pinpoint the problems of the family or paid caregiver, come up with needed solutions, and implement monitoring the solutions. If monitoring is requested, the GCM can also monitor family caregiver problems and implement solutions, or the ongoing care plan. 



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Aging Life Care Management Comprehensive Assessment

When a client is unable to manage day-to-day care, needs someone to monitor their care at home or in another care setting, needs 1:1 support to solve a problem or guidance to navigate a situation; or when the primary caregiver is overwhelmed and needs a care manager to manage the care of the client, we will offer Aging Life Care Management Comprehensive Assessment .

Aging Life Care Management Comprehensive Assessment is a detailed written report, assessing an older person’s physical, mental, and psychosocial status. The report is completed by the GCM. It is a valuable tool for family members or a client representative such as elder law attorney wishing a written assessment that determines the answers to an older person’s problems.

Your Comprehensive Assessment Includes:

  • Whether a client can remain at home or can come home from a hospital, nursing home, or other institution
  • Whether the care or level of care staff in the person’s residence is appropriate
  • What kind of care and equipment the person needs in order to remain at home or come home
  • Whether a conservatorship or guardianship is needed, and whether there are less restrictive options than a conservatorship or guardianship

Because the needs of our clients vary, First Coast Safe at Home Solutions offers 5 comprehensive care packages to accommodate each individual’s needs


  • Care Management
  • Personal Care Plus
  • Care Management Plus
  • VIP Care Management
  • VIP Dementia Care Management
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